The Dawning of 2009

2009 arrived, finally, overnight, after such a looooong year. In fact, 2009 feels  like more than just the beginning of a year, it feels like the dawning of the sun after the longest night on earth. One that has lasted almost a decade.  The countdown begins. Well, for me, a couple of countdowns have begun: one is the 20 days until our nation sees another Leo in the White House. As I was typing I realized that I am going to be joining the legions of women around the country who will be coined Obama Mama‘s. Hee Hee. That makes me giggle.

Then there’s the other countdown – the one that will see my little belly expand and finally birth a lil squirmy babe into the world. Hmm, not sure how many days that is, but according to my calculations, I will be welcoming the little whipper-snapper sometime late August / Early September. A virgo baby, thank goddess.  Of course, I’d be happy with a Leo or Cancer, should our new sidekick be early or my calculations be wrong as I haven’t yet seen the midwife.

So much has been going through my mind since I peed on a stick four days ago. First, Sune’s going to have to make me a copy of that CD I gave her at her baby shower that day. Then, I want to tell the whole world, but apparently this is not the best idea according to my previously pregnant friends. Something about enjoying the time free of pressure from other people. Makes sense, especially since there is so much to consider. And ponder.

I’m elated, of course, but I have learned that people around me need more time to get used to such big news, so I’m gonna try to keep it under wraps for a least a month or two. We’ll see how long that lasts, or how long my belly stays hidden!

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