I’m Sleepy

Thank goddess I discovered the news around the holidays, which means that I’ve been able to be super exhausted and sleep in for the past several days. The experts say I should stop being this tired in the next couple of weeks, but whew – I can’t believe how friggin pooped I am. BUT, overall, I can’t complain as I only feel a itty bit nauseous every once in awhile and it’s usually an indication that I’m needing to eat.
Strangely, or perhaps not, I’m not super anxious to research every possible detail about pregnancy that I can. Maybe this is because I’m already well versed with lots of info having been through two natural births with my older sister, acting as her birthing partner and (unofficial) doula for the last one. Plus, I’ve had the blessing to witness my friend Patty give birth as well as my best friend Jen just over a year ago. So, I’m up to speed, so to speak.

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