The Power of Tourquoise

I love the synchronicities of the Universe.  About a week ago I found a turquoise pendant that I bought on my trip to San Fransisco back in August. I’ve been drawn to wear it every since and I just looked up it’s meaning. Check it out:

Navajo Turquoise

The ones with the black lines in them are called Navajo turquoise and helps you to stay in a place of love and connectedness with others. By doing this it can make you feel at “home” no matter where you are. It is a combination of turquoise and sard (sard being the lines). Turquoise by itself keeps one in the feeling of unconditional love and connection to all that is, while sard by itself keeps one in the state of emotional attachments to family, home, their roots (the good memories of childhood) it also assist in digestion of proteins both animal and vegetable.

More about Sard

Carnelian (the name means “flesh-coloured”) is the stone the Bible translators call sardius or sard.  It was the dark brown variety that was called sard. Due to Carnelian’s flesh tone and blood like colouring it is associated with family unity, of the love of relatives for one another and of blood ties.  Whoever wishes to strengthen family bonds should wear this stone.


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