The Great Mother

So, for the past yearish I suddenly, without warning, started painting. I had never really considered myself an artist in the classic sense and had never been trained, but all of the sudden these vibrant images started pouring themselves onto canvasses and to all who gazed upon them it was clear that I was obviously undersexed or picking up on the vibrations of the womb. It was further complicated by the fact that I was being told  repeatedly by several  intuitives that I had a little being knocking on the window, so to speak. So, I’ve got all these seemingly prophetic paintings hanging on my wall now and I was just gazing at my most recent one. I painted this one on the 22nd of December  and was l amused when I realized I had painted the image of the great mother. It only became ironic when I held the positive pregnancy test in my hand days later.

This evening, as I took in the Great Mother again, my eyes were drawn to the bottom of the painting where I had originally began this piece with two beings encased in a yellow sac of some kind. And I wondered, OMG, could this imply I’m preggers with twins? The two beings in my Great Mother painting are masculine and feminine. Sigh. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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