Week 18, almost halfway there!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything personal up here and so much has happened in the meanwhile! First, we can only detect one heartbeat at the midwife appointments, so looks like my worry about twins was for nothing! Thank goddess!

I’ve been reading lots of good books, which I plan on posting reviews of soonish, took a Birthing from Within Class with local Doula Michelle Isla and sign a lease on a new place to birth my little bebe in! Also exciting is the announcement of my good friends Sune’s little girl, Anya Blue, into the world and the realization that there are so many pregnant mama’s all around me, including my sweet friend Barbie who is only two weeks apart from me. We compare our baby bumps every Wednesday night at the Audubon Park Community Market where I pick up locally made cream to rub all over buddha belly and eat a delicious organic, vegan meal at. Plus I can pick up local produce like organic eggs, beets & collards which are yummy in my tummy!

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting with the good folks over at the Central Florida Birth Network to help brainstorm ideas for their annual Birth Fair. I have absorbed so much in the past couple of months, and am getting into the swing of being a pregnant lady, especially now that all that morning sickness has departed. I get a little giggle every time I feel the baby squirming around down there, such a unique experience. Men should be jealous!


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