Is it a boy or a girl?

As my little belly starts to grow, along come the curious inquiries and this one comes up on top. I’m not sure & probably won’t find out until little bebe comes on out into the world. I am blessed to view pregnancy & childbirth as a natural & normal function of being a woman and am not really concerned about all these things that the medical community likes to make a fuss over. The only real way to tell the sex of my baby is to have an ultrasound, a procedure popularized in the 80’s that was originally intended for high-risk pregnancies only. Almost everyone who goes to a doctor receives one as a routine procedure and most parents are completely unaware that it is considered risky and NOT recommended unless there is a serious concern. Here’s just one link to an article on the dangers of prenatal ultrasound. (Poor little mice!) Just one way medical doctors routinely put profit before the well-being of their patient. I am content to wait until baby’s birthday to learn this detail about them, as women around the world & since the beginning of time have done.


2 thoughts on “Is it a boy or a girl?

  1. It is really exciting to wait to find out anyways. My friend did it twice and it is so much fun to find out after all that hard work! People will bitch b/c it’s harder to find non-gender specific clothes for your shower, but too bad for them!


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