Jesus, China and Awesome Friends, Oh My!

Well, cry me a river – at least that is what I’ve been doing lately. Nothing in particular is wrong, I’m just so emotional sometimes. Geez. I’m finally all settled into my new place and I LOVE it! Lance, Jon, John & Dan helped me move in and my poor roommate had to deal with the final touches on the house without me as I was spotting a little and as hard as it was, I just had to listen to the signals it was sending me and take some time out to rest. Several other friends came over to unpack the kitchen and move stuff around and my parents swooped into town this weekend to make small improvements to the house and go consignment shopping with me. Plus, I got a load of maternity gear and essential company from my bf Jen and her baby Julianna and a whole box load of stuff from my friend Sune who is relishing her new baby Anya. I am so grateful for the people in my life and the bundles of help I am getting on a steady basis. I even got a mysterious car seat dropped off the cafe and some magic wizard fixed one of the picnic tables out front with out me even knowing! Who are these blessed beings? My friends, they rule.

One of the challenging things was going to Target to register with my mom. She totally rules as she really wants to do whatever she can to help me out and goddess bless her for trying to understand my minimalist and eco-conscious lifestyle which is, like, the most foreign thing to her. She just wants to buy the cute monkey blanket and I’m muttering about things being made in China and polyester and wondering if any of the stuff in the aisle is of practical use. We kinda gave up and I apologized as I was realizing how totally out of my element I am – I hardly go into real stores, have no idea what a baby requires and am realizing that my vow not to buy anything from china this year is going to be very difficult to keep!

It’s going to be hard to stick to my planet friendly sourcing and also keep up with my practice of not offending others with my eco ways. Usually this is not a problem as I do all the buying/bartering/thrifting for myself but my extended family might be baffled by my preferences and this is made worse by not knowing the sex so they can all make safe purchases of 100% cotton clothing and get the cute factor covered as well. I’m going to device a plan that allows everyone to be happy. Stay tuned for my magical solution!

One other present I got this morning was a “Come to Jesus” pamphlet in my screen door. I checked the neighbors and they hadn’t had any attempts on their soul and I wondered which bumper sticker on my car makes one of my friendly neighbors think I need saving. Was it the “Make Tea Not War” or “Not Everyone Who Wanders is Lost” or “Shop Local, Fair Made and Organic”? Of course they might be observing my single pregnant belly enjoying breakfast on the porch alone, emphasis on enjoying. Ah, bless them for wanting me to be sure God is there for me. Luckily, I already relish in a deep spiritual connection with the great divine, so hopefully they aren’t too worried about me!


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