Good Fortune

According to my most favorite astrology website (so many FREE reports ya’ll!) I’m in for some good stuff in the next year!

April 2009 to March 2010: This influence brings about unexpected breaks and good fortune, as well as a feeling of being free and able to take on any new experience that life has to offer. You feel more daring than usual and willing to experiment with life. Everyone’s life is hedged about with certain restrictions – your job, your family responsibilities, your finances – that sometimes seem to unduly limit your freedom and prevent you from growing. You cannot really afford to throw over these limitations completely, but you would like a break from them once in a while, and this influence provides that break. It may happen through a sudden windfall, a sudden opportunity for personal advancement or the sudden lifting of an onerous burden. But it may also happen in more subtle ways. For example, you become increasingly interested in new areas of thought that open up new vistas of understanding. In this way you escape from the killing routines of your life, not by a sudden overthrow, but by a gradual change in your understanding. This period can bring about new involvement with spiritual teachings, astrology or other revolutionary techniques of mind expansion. You will revolt against narrow ways of thinking and be on the lookout for new approaches to the truth. Yet it will not be enough to understand these truths yourself; you will want to teach others what you have learned. You may become involved in groups or organizations that teach new ideas or are involved in the occult. Under this influence you are extremely conscious of the larger social order, and you always have it in mind, whatever you are doing. You are also inclined to be less materialistic than usual. It is not that you don’t value material resources, but you don’t fear that you will have any shortage of them. “Cast thy bread upon the waters” is your motto while this influence is in effect. Overall, this time represents an enormous opportunity to broaden yourself and encounter tremendous new experiences that will make your life much more interesting and rewarding.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Uranus Trine Jupiter, , exact at 13:53 
activity period from beginning of April 2009 until beginning of March 2010

If only you could see the rest of the transits affecting me now, I’ll give you the titles:

Keep it Simple (expires July 9); Family Matters Family matters (End of October 2008 until beginning of August 2009 – the entire length of my pregnancy yo!), Peak opportunities (Mid December 2008 until beginning of September 2009 – ditto!), Magnanimity – this one is about extreme emotionalism and processing things from the past, which would explain the rough two weeks I’ve just had! & A Turning Point “Work with another person and think in terms of mutual growth. By trying to achieve goals set by both of you and by trying to be a twosome, you each will become more conscious of what you are as an individual.” (End of March 2009 until end of November 2009)


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