Well, I keep writing about food, so I must be HUNGRY!! I just finished an awesome late night snack – polenta topped with a local egg & diced tomato with slivers of raw organic cheddar and some salsa verde to round it out. All organic, of course. Cooked in my new cast iron skillet, which is making all the difference. Using cast iron is looked on favorably for ladies “with child” since you get the benefits of increased iron, important for vegetarians especially, cooked right into your food. Between my skillet and my steamer pan, I have returned to the kitchen with gusto. I’m even staying ontop of dishes, which will come as a shock to former roommates of mine!

Pregnancy has led me back to my passion for cooking, a habit I had lost touch with in recent years as the stress and time devoted to getting Dandelion opened took precedence. A shame, as having dinner parties with friends was my most favoritist activity in the whole world & one of the reasons I decided to open a community-focused cafe. No matter, I’m bringing my inner chef back out into the limelight!


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