Eating Mindfully

Really, truly. Wednesday nights I usually go the market but this evening, after a week of rain, I was pooped and had to take a nap. So I woke up hungry and needed to eat NOW, if you know what I mean. So, one quick glance at my ingredients yielded me another stellar cast iron meal. I sauteed  some balsamic-splashed local-mushrooms & red onion with half a local-honey glazed apple (grilled open faced & diced after) which I tossed lightly with spinach enough to warm, but not cook. With my spare hand I made some homemade coleslaw with red cabbage, carrot, celery, veganaise, more local-honey and a little rice wine vinegar. Oh, and a handful of sunflower seeds for added protein. Tossed all together with a smidge of Point Reyes Blue Cheese purchased a Harmoni Market up the street. Oh it was sooo good – so many pretty colors and textures and surprises in every bite!

I took a picture and will have to post soon.

As I was enjoying this delicious meal, I was thinking about the joys of sharing all this food with my little one. I think I mentioned in an earlier post the meditation of mindful eating. In the past, I’ve been known for eating while working. These days, I aim to slow down and savor each bite, knowing it is nourishing not just me, but bebe-to-be. It’s like practicing for feeding time since it’s probably not going to create good meal time habits to be typing an email out while feeding a toddler. I’m slowing breaking out of my old habits now so that I will not be resentful later when my whole life changes overnight.

Speaking of overnight, my belly is just stretching away. I’m monitoring it’s progress by checking out my belly button, which is getting all quinty-eyed on me, and I’m begining to wonder when it will turn inside out. I’ll keep you updated on this very important topic!


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