Musical Stroller Makes My Day

So, in the last 3 weeks I’ve had: my car & fridge break, 3 rooms in my house lost electricity, a tree fell down in the backyard, my back door is coming off the hinges, I found out that my house & most likely the cafe both need to be tented for termites, the cafe’s server broke, and a few other things I wouldn’t want to air publicly have happened too. I say this without complaining, these are just the facts.

I’m fortunate to report that while each thing was inconvienent, I can tell some blessed beings are out there trying to mitigate damage for me, as most everything got fixed swiftly, with minimal costs and each incident could have be a heck of a lot worse. My car was the first thing to go and I am happy to report that dear old dad swooped into town to fix my starter today. What could’ve been a $300 trip to the mechanic turned out to be a $30 repair and a rare opportunity to spend some time alone with dad, which was oh-so-nice.

Not only that, but dad scored me a Jeep stroller at a garage sale that has shocks, excellent maneuverability and a freakin sound system to plug in your iPod. Me and the kid are gonna cruise the neighborhood rockin out in style. Normally, I discourage extra bells & whistles, but I make exceptions when it comes to music! I think this thing is supposed to be used while jogging, obviously not going to happen with moi though.

It’s so funny to be moving into a space where I’m getting excited about a baby object. I mean, I’m excited about the baby of course, but the “accessories” have all seemed so… well, I don’t want them to start taking over my house. I guess I know it’s inevitable, obviously the kid is gonna take over my life, but it will be interesting to see how much of me & my style remains this time next year.


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