Feeling Froggy

So, last night there was a big sweet frog sitting on my porch, looking past the screen. Unfortunately, it had recently passed, but I knew this was an animal totem for me to interpret symbolically…

Frogs: An important member of Mythology and Folklore | Suite101.com.

In Egypt the frog is most commonly found associated with the goddess Heqet (or Heket) who was the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Sometimes depicted as a frog or a woman with a frog head Heqet was seen as protectress of childbirth. Her priestesses who were trained midwives wore amulets that bore her image. It is theorized that the reason why the Egyptians saw frogs as being a symbol for childbirth and creation was because during certain times of the year thousands of frogs would surface from the Nile River. Thus creating the belief that this was an omen of fruitfulness. In the Greco-Roman tradition the frog was a symbol of Aphrodite and Venus, along with fertility the frog came to represent harmony between lovers.


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