Raising Baby Diaper-Free

I’m finding all kinds of fascinating things out there on the web. Anyone out there heard of this or tried it with success? – Julie

With the debate still current as to whether disposable, eco-disposable or cloth nappies are best, there is another alternative that many people are unaware of. It’s the cleanest, greenest and probably the oldest way of dealing with babies’ elimination. Elimination Communication (EC), also referred to as Infant Potty Training or Natural Infant Hygiene, is rarely practiced in Western society but it is the most common way of managing infant hygiene in the world today. While ECing makes good sense where water is scarce or disposable nappies are unavailable, there are many other advantages that babies and parents can also enjoy.

What is Elimination Communication?

Parents carry their babies before they can walk. Mothers help their baby to the breast before they can lift our shirts and self-serve. We help babies get to sleep when they are tired until they are old enough to do this unassisted. With Elimination Communication we are simply helping the baby to eliminate, just as we do, into a receptacle and not into their clothing until such time as they are capable of using a toilet independently. When a baby is never trained to use a nappy or taught to ignore the body’s signals that tell them they need to eliminate, they never have to learn to use a potty or re-recognise their body’s urges at a later date.

via Raising Baby Nappy-Free.


2 thoughts on “Raising Baby Diaper-Free

  1. I took a missions trip to the amazon and I was amazed at the mommies walking all around with their naked baby on their side. None of them had diapers on and they just took cues from the baby and walked away when the baby had to go. Somewhere out in the bush they took them potty probably the same place the parents did… They were both completely at peace with it?? I have read some books about it… Barnes and Nobles sells some books on potty training your infant… It makes a lot of sense. I never did it but, it sounds really interesting.


  2. I also came across a ton of people who have done this successfully and was so inspired! I’d planned on trying it with my little one, but the best laid plans — well, you know. At the beginning, my girl let loose a whopper of a #2 every time she #1’d, so I was just too scared to have that stuff spraying everywhere. (Gross visual, sorry… but it’s SO much messier than I imagined!)

    If it were a cooler time of year, now is about the time I’d consider trying the “observation” method outside on a blanket, she’s 3 months old, and having 1-3 bowel movements a day, instead of 6 or 7. 🙂

    In terms of it being the most eco-friendly method, I’m not sure. From what I understand, it takes a very long time before you can count on your baby to give you the signals, and for you to recognize them and/or catch them reliably. In the meantime, if you’re not using a diaper, you end up just washing your soiled clothes (or the blanket they’re lying on, or the carpet… and so on) which tend to be much larger than an itty bitty little cloth diaper.

    In the long run, yes, it would be amazing to have a potty trained kid at 18 months instead of 24-30, but… I really love just being able to be free to have fun with her instead of obsessing over whether she might have to pee. ::grin::


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