Cry me a river

Well, today was a doozy man. I think I cried through at least half the day. Definitely getting more emotional in the past week – still think it’s tied to nutrition, as I know I haven’t been keeping up with my normal routine. Hard to do as money tightens round these parts. Grateful though for some good friends who make their shoulder available.

And I keep being super grateful for how well the pregnancy is going overall. I’ll take a half a day crying here and there anytime over some of the horror stories you read about. The bod is holding up well, no medical worries beyond mild anemia (which I suffered from even when I was a meat eater, thank you), mostly good mood and just some fairly routine tiredness and slow-starts in the morning. I love being pregnant and feeling the little kicks and bumps. I feel very connected to my little sweet pea- it’s exciting to literally be carrying around a soul mate that you haven’t met yet in this lifetime. How freaking cool.

I’ve also found a new passion for Rose, a scent I have never been attracted to ever. It’s my new favorite thing. I lather myself in a bergamont rose solid perfume during meditation and will make it my signature scent for the birthing experience. And, I pulled out a piece of red coral jewelry I’ve never worn before only to discover later that it helps with anemia. Interesting how we gravitate towards what we need.

Sigh. Did I mention there was a full moon lunar eclipse today? I think it’s effects are waning. Either that or I’m just exhausted from all the crying.

There are many good things to be happy for, of course. My friend Jon is mowing my lawn tomorrow. A stranger on facebook volunteered to mow it next week. I got a great massage from Sharon at You Health Center yesterday, and my birthing partner Amber gave me a great Reiki session Sunday night. I get tuned up by her at Shine On Yoga once a week. Last week I experienced twenty minutes of pure ecstacy after a Reiki session. No joke. Cristy Nielsen, local amazing photographer, offered to do some prenatal photos for me. Two of my best friends in the whole world are coming to hang with me this weekend and my bebe shower is on Sunday.

Can’t wait to see what my crazy friends dream up – they were all laughing wickedly after their planning session. I was joking with one of them that they should make a vagina cake and now I’m kinda concerned that I will be a victim of  “be careful of what you ask for”. Of course, I think a vagina cake is marvelous, but how will mom & dad feel about that? Hmmm?


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