I very much wanted to try to have this baby with minimal impact on the planet and I’m pleased to report, so far, so good. Thanks to the generosity of some good mama’s out there, most of my bebe gear is a hand-me-down. My friend Ashley just loaded me up with a carload of stuff, including a Sher-Mag gliding rocker, glass bottles, reusable diapers and a whole stack of bibs and quiet a few more things. She has four boys, all of whom are adorable, and I could tell it was overwhelming for her to part with the “baby” chapter of her life, almost as overwhelming as it is for me to integrate the new stuff into my own life.

My dear ma has taken me on two shopping trips, so today saw the arrival of some basic necessities – leave it to mom to remind me I need a freaking diaper bag. I didn’t event think of it! It was strange pulling into the shopping center and realizing how empty the parking lot was, and then seeing what was recently a full plaza with almost half of it’s shops closed down. It’s unsettling to see the economy toppling the big guys, and I continue to worry about how independent businesses are going to make it through. I’ve been working on a plan for Dandelion, which I hope to launch in the next couple of days, and I’m crossing my fingers that the community pulls together and supports the place it loves.

Pretty sleepy, but I will post again soon on my awesome non-traditional baby shower that just passed. Let’s just say a a friends dad, also a minister, hung some yoni up to greet the guests. It was the highlight of his day!


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