Luckiest Gal Alive

So, yeah. I’m feeling so lucky and grateful right now, I almost would want to hit me if I was someone else. Lets just start with how awesome my photo session with the great Cristy Nielsen went. Um, I guess I should just let you see for yourself – awesome slide show here – but I would be remiss if I didn’t add how professional, comfortable and easy the photo session was. It was really hot & humid and I was sure that the beads of sweat on my upper lip would be glistening like grandma’s mustache, but Cristy is some sort of magical genie who could probably make a pile of cow poo look good. Photos to treasure for-ever!

And you are wondering where the heck I am, right? Cause the plants are singing to moi, and all. Well, that would be none other than the Johnson Manor, ie the property my midwife Kelli Johnson calls home. I knew before I even met Kelli that she was the one for me based on the chorus of flowers singing to me when I pulled into her driveway. Ridiculous! I am excited as this week marks the “home visit” where she brings the birth kit over and I am deemed fit to birth from home this point forward. Not that I’m rushing things. Little sweet pea can stay nestled in there for another month while I tend to important business at the cafe.

My friend Rachel hauled over her crib and we set it up yesterday, so now the baby necessities are all in place. Kinda – no, totally –  surreal. You look down and think, my little soul mate is gonna count lots of sheep in this thing. And you get a little teary and distract yourself by eating ice cream while sneaking past the room stealing glances.

Final piece in the luckiest gal alive segment – you know how I told you Dandelion was struggling and I was developing a program to save the day several posts back? Well, I finally launched the program along with a new website and I am in awe of how generously and quickly the good folks in my community are responding! I’m practically speechless and haven’t quiet integrated not just the obvious support in the form of dollars, but also the numerous emails I’ve received offering advice, services and plain old love. Makes me fall in love with my community all over again.


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