Blessing Way

I bet you wish you were me!
I bet you wish you were me!

It’s official: I’m blessed. This weekend I was the honored receipient of  preparatory ritual for motherhood surrounded by ten powerful and beautiful women in a gathering called a Blessing Way. What the heck is that, you ask? It’s the precursor of today’s modern baby shower, a ceremonial event to mark the passage to motherhood with spiritual gifts and insights shared with mama-to-be (lucky me!) in an intentional and concious way.

Mine was held at Shine On Yoga, the beautiful studio my birth partner Amber Melendy owns, and was nothing short of the best evening of my life. Each blessing way is tailored to the individual, and as this is the first one I’ve ever attended, I can only describe it as an enchanted, magical and empowering event. View all the photos here.

Blessings by Jordana Meade
Blessings by Jordana Meade

It started with a whisper walk – eyes closed, I was guided down a rose petal path as sweet somethings were whispered into my ear by each woman which took me back to my childhood of girlish giggling. Then, the ladies guided and followed me down a spiral labyrinth where they performed an Angel Wash, cleansing my aura and sending me love. It was the perfect beginning to a powerful evening!

Supported by My Sisters
Supported by My Sisters

Next, I sat in the place of honor where I was showered with spiritual gifts for my birth alter and words of humor, encouragement and love.  Then, I was the elated recipient of a foot bath, massage & belly henna by everyone at once – I had no problem receiving this gift from such beautiful women! We then tied a red string around each of our wrists to be worn until I begin breastfeeding to signify the support our sisterhood would bring me during this transition into motherhood. We finally feasted on some of the most delicious food I’ve had in awhile!

Birth Alter
Birth Alter

It was a most awe-some experience and I am still resonating from the empowering energy we all created. Leading up to this event, I noticed that my chatter about the impending arrival of my little sprout had veered into a somewhat nervous energy. Afterwards, I’ve shifted that energy. I was holding off on certain things to trick the universe to delay the onset of labor, but tonight I put the bottle of celebratory champagne in the fridge, made some mama tea ice cubes, and created my birth alter, with all sacred gifts bestowed on me and sat in gratitude, preparing for the most transformative event in my life.


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