Another cm, another day…

The Silence That Comes Before
The Silence That Comes Before

Another midwife appointment today – 3 cm dilated & 95% efface. Woo-hoo! I can say that as all my “must be done’s” on the checklist are, in fact, done and now there’s just random stuff to fill up the time in between relaxing, which I plan to do for sure the next few days, as it has been go-go-go for the past several months. Since this baby has been all about the moon, I would not be surprised if she waited until the new moon on the 20th, a week away. So interesting, these final moments. I’m sure I will miss pregnancy, but the look in every mother’s eye as she tells me how excited she is for me makes me excited about the next phase.

Today’s reiki session with Amber was off the charts – the energy was so intense she had to treat me from a few feet away for most of the session. Thinking about going to Wekiva springs over the weekend, although it will probably be sooo crowded. Anyone know of a more private place to commune with nature & water nearby?

So funny how I’ve become such a calendar girl. I used to to detest schedules and being committed or tied down to anything – my one and only tattoo means “free.” Now I’ve grown accustomed to my colorful google calendar telling me what to do on any given day. It’s funny to look at it now & realize that the next six weeks are totally cleared off. And to know that my six week babymoon will end right before the Birth Babies & Beyond Festival in late September, followed by ELLA Music Festival & The Baby! Int’l Film Festival the following week. I’m gonna be a freaking momma at these events – wow!

Okay, gonna get me some shut eye. Little one is jumping up and down on my cervix, which is such an interesting sensation!


8 thoughts on “Another cm, another day…

  1. Hey Julie, Barby here. Haven’t been around much lately but I want you to know been thinking about you a lot and hoping everything goes well for you and baby in the next few weeks. I ‘m doing really good, still reading your books like crazy, and hoping I had taken a different approach to childbirth other than the hospital setting, however I’ll try to make the best of it. Love, barby


  2. How exiting! I’m so happy for you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs… My baby is due in late November 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing pictures soon!!


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