A Big Ball of Fire

So, the guesses are pouring in & a friend of mine had a dream/vision that the baby was going to be born on the 20th, another friend who wondered when the baby would arrive heard “six!” – no coincidence that at 6am on the 20th we see a New Moon in Leo. Not to get personal, but the baby was conceived on a Full Moon & lots of connections to moons have happened with this little one, so I would not be the least surprised.

Of course, being the kook I am, I pulled the astro chart thru the 20th and wouldn’t you know, there’s a really good chance this kid is going to be a triple Leo (sun, moon & ascendant). Sigh, I’m a Leo, and I loooooove Leo’s, but this is going to be a super radiant kid, I think we are all gonna have to wear shades when hanging with this little one! Oh, but the love and affection and big warm heart that come with Leo’s will melt us if the sun’s rays don’t get us first!

Lordy lordy. So far today, just some practice contractions & a bit of cramping, and I can tell the baby has moved even lower. I’ve has some suprising sensations that I first registered as painful, but since I’ve been practicing Hypnobirthing, I observed the sensations again and discovered it wasn’t painful at all, just really surprising, so I was able to just let the odd sensation go on with it’s bad self. Also weighed myself and I’m tipping the scales at 144, about 35-40 pounds up from my pre-baby weight, so everything is going according to plan!

Still feeling great, but eating like a…well, eating a LOT.  I loooooove food!


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