False Start

Well, so. Had contractions all night last night and into this morning and then they vanished like the morning dew. I guess that’s what they call “false labor.” It’s interesting, this waiting game. I did not think I would be so impatient, but it seems that I am. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get things flowing, and it makes me understand a little more how in a hospital setting, one would be easily talked into “helping things along” as you are just so ready to get on with it after all the preparations have been catered to & your arms are ready to be useful again with baby stuff. I’m sending my awesome birthing party, who has been dutifully spending the night for the past three, home. Perhaps then it will more exciting for everyone to get a 3am phone call telling them to hurry up and get over here! Sigh. So, still twiddling….


One thought on “False Start

  1. Hi Julie,

    One of the greatest gifts a Mother can give her baby, is honoring the day and time her baby has chosen to be born. I know it felt like this little soul was going to be a Leo but Virgo it is! This is perfect for who this soul is and what he or she will accomplish. Very few Doctors and hospitals allow the soul to choose anymore. You are right, in a hospital, you would be hooked up to a machine and recieveing Pitocin, which would make your labor forced and so much more painful. Good for you for honoring your baby’s time table. I had all 3 of my daughters at home with a midwife and I can assure you, it’s all going to be worth the wait!
    Angel Blessings,
    Christina Ray


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