Maya Juniper Rose Arrives!

Magical Child of the Universe
Magical Child of the Universe

Hello beautiful people! I know you have just been dying for word, but I’ve been staring at my new love non-stop for 10 days now. Besides, the computer is waaay on the other side of the room and my body has needed some time off from sitting in a chair!

So, this is going to be a brief update with a more elaborate birth story and reflections to follow as time and googly eyes allow.

So. Maya Juniper Rose was born August 24th, 2009 at exactly 10am in the morning after exactly 17 hours of being in labor. Which sounds like a long time, but didn’t seem that long.

She was born at home (on purpose), in water, surrounded by the most amazing birth support team a gal could ask for. Some of ya’ll are gonna hate me, but YES it was a painless birth, with the exception of the legendary “ring of fire” and sudden arrival of Maya’s head, which did hurt, but oh-so-briefly. No, I did not experience an orgasmic birth, but a couple of the ladies on the birthing team joke that they almost had one it was such an amazing experience!

Little Miss Maya Juniper is perfect, btw. She’s pink and sweet, we’ve been breastfeeding like champions and her disposition is just so chill and charming. A Virgo with Libra Moon & Ascendant, for those who are into astrology.

Now onto what you’ve all been waiting for: PICTURES!! Two options available.

Option One: Check out this photo album of Maya Juniper Rose taken with my own camera, which I will continue to upload photos to as I take em.

Option Two: A slideshow of the entire homebirth experience by professional photographer Cristy Nielsen. (She also captured my pregnant self here.) A must watch for most everyone*, except the modest-minded amongst us, as I am in my birthday suit.

*Some notes on the slideshow: I am forever grateful to Cristy who volunteered her talents to capture these images in a tribute to the homebirth movement. As a passionate advocate of homebirth, I share this slideshow with everyone as a gift to what is possible, hopefully opening this birthing option up to you or someone you love for exploration.

These images bring up strong emotions for almost everyone. For women who have not yet birthed or have experienced their own special birth, these images are empowering and inspirational. Some women who were unable to have the birth they wanted may find these images bring up a lot of emotions. Most men have been really touched & educated about what a normal & beautiful process this can be. Some dudes who work with me or are related to me might prefer to skip the slideshow, but to their loss as there ain’t nothing more natural than a woman giving birth to a goddess!

If you need to decide if the slideshow is for you: I am naked (boobs & fanny folks), there are NO “crotch shots” as Maya was born in water, and the only blood is towards the end when viewing the placenta.

After viewing, please feel free to come back here & leave your impressions.


21 thoughts on “Maya Juniper Rose Arrives!

  1. Congrats and welcome to the world Maya. what a beautiful slide show. I too had a lovely birth experience at home in the water, on purpose. So wonderful to experience yours with you through these pics – truly empowering and heart embracing


  2. Welcome to planet Earth, Maya Juniper Rose! Yippee. I enjoyed the tender picture book of your birth. So much love all around to greet you.


  3. Momma!

    You are so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderfully beautiful & inspirational moment to share with the world. Thank you for such a breathtaking gift.

    I cant wait to meet her and watch your rose grow

    So when is her birthday party??


  4. Congratulations! Thank you for posting the photos and the slide show. I looked at both, and both collections are gorgeous. As you had indicated, the beautiful slide show made me smile, laugh, and cry. It also gave me a lot to think about when it comes to labor, referred to in Spanish as “dar a luz” (to give light”). This definitely was an experience about giving light and life; thank you for sharing it.


  5. Manny many many blessings Julie. You are so beautiful! I really enjoyed your writing about your experience and the photos are gorgeous! Than you so much for sharing.
    Shelly Broadwell
    Pillowtalk Designs


  6. Julie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful birthing journey with us. As the Mom of a 20 year old, your slideshow brought many, many emotions up for me. Sadness, that I did not know of other birthing options when my son was born; yet, JOY that women today do. Watching your slideshow reminds me, and hopefully encourages others, to remember this is how women used to bring new life into our world — and this is how we should be doing it again. Gently, naturally, and surrounded by the love and support of our Sisters. Welcome, little sister, Maya Juniper Rose! Thank you Julie. You are both so very beautiful! Namaste


  7. Welcome, Maya, and congratulations, Julie, on a beautiful journey just begun. I will be having my third baby in Feb. and seeing your experience in pictures was quite an inspiration. Thank you for being willing to share.


  8. Congratulations! and thank you. I did reflect on the birth of my baby 15 months ago. She was labored naturally and drug free at a birth center. We even used the same position when your legs were on the bed and my husband was behind me. That got me through transition-that and mooing… but anyway, I realized that I am now ok with the fact that while my labor was awesome and just how I wanted it, my birth had to be a c-section. My “dream” didn’t happen, someone was too comfy! but instead of being sad watching your incredible pictures, I was so happy to watch you and your support have what looked like an incredible birth and I am happy for you! 🙂
    If you don’t mind, I’d love to share this with others as it was shared with me, so they too can see the serenity and natural beauty of a home birth by choice.

    Congratulations to you all on a beautiful labor, birth, and daughter!


  9. I told my birthing party that if something we wrong, I’d be the first in the car to the hospital – we are blessed with wonderful technology to use as appropriate & I am grateful you & many women can have a healthy delivery of a beautiful baby because of it. And kudos to you for such a positive outlook, that makes all the difference!


  10. Watching your slideshow, gave me such an encouraging and wonderful look at what a birth is. Julie – your family is beautiful!!!! Maya Juniper Rose, welcome!!!!!!


  11. I am a doula, LLL Leader, Lactaion Specialist for Wic and on my way to become a Midwife. I just wanted to let you know when I am having a bad day I come home and watch your slide show and it makes it all worth it. I have had a great homebirth my self and I know all the excitment that you feel from your look on your face (priceless)!!! I hope all is well with your new family and thank you for sharing your birth with the world.



  12. Watching your home birth was so amazing for me. I thank you for allowing the birth to be witnessed. I am not yet a mother which made this experience very special to watch and experience. Blessings to you and your new love….


  13. Was doing a google search for my own homebirth story which I posted online a few months ago (because I was too lazy to go through the actual website and thought this would be easier haha) and I discovered this page. You see my birth was also a home – on purpose – water birth and my daughter’s name is Juniper Rose! Anyway, it made me smile so I thought I would comment and say hi 🙂



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