Things to tell you, someday…

Almost a month of being a mama & I have so many things I’d like to express, it’s hard to figure out what to talk about. One thing that has been interesting to observe is the thoroughly dream-like state I am slowly waking up from. There was no thought, just sensing in the first couple of weeks and each day since, I am getting more connected with whatever side of the brain is in charge of logical thought. But I really rather prefer this intuitive, being-ness.

So instead of going on about the million things I want to share, I am going to make a list of posts that I will be creating in the future:

  • Maya Juniper Rose’s Birth Story
  • How I managed to have a painless birth
  • Pain vs Pressure
  • Why homebirth is the bees knees over hospital (Giving Birth vs Giving Birth Away, as my midwife would say)
  • How much my birth team and midwife Kelli Johnson RULE.
  • How to care for your body the 72 hours + 2 weeks after
  • Placenta uses
  • Observations on the bonding processes
  • Why breastfeeding is a million times easier than bottle
  • Loving like the creator
  • Useful gadget for timing contractions

See, I told you I had a lot of thoughts! They just are not fully formed nor am I ready to get back to my thinking brain just yet.

Oh, and Cristy made mention of doing a documentary about the birth & I think there’s a much bigger one that we need to deliver on my midwife’s awesome practice. We’re manifesting it, so interested parties should contact me.


8 thoughts on “Things to tell you, someday…

  1. Julie~

    You baby is beautiful and you and I share very similar views on birthing and parenting an infant.
    I would love to talk further with you and meet your baby.


  2. Well you just take your sweet time being in that awesome state of “intuitive, being-ness”! We’re looking forward to all of those posts. Count me IN on the documentary of course 🙂 Love you mama!


  3. First step is organization, looks like you are on the right track. Can’t wait to read about it all. I am glad you are taking time and enjoying Maya, every day is something new! Documentary sounds like a great idea!


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