Maya (& Mom’s) first modeling gig
Painted Lady!

Playground magazine recently hit the stands, flinging myself back to the preggo days. I had almost forgotten I did this photo shoot at 36 weeks for my newest must-have parenting magazine. This edition is green-themed and features articles on Flexitarianism (Part Time Veg, pg 58), the “Green Block” covering Dandelion (my cafe) (You Are So Here, pg 60) and the cover article (Girls Gone Green, pg 33) features my painted belly (and some pregnancy tips) & my au naturale grrrrrls Veronica, Nevah, Michelle & Luna. Pick one up at Dandelion or read it online.

I was talking to Michelle & she mentioned that having this article published really legitimized her natural parenting lifestyle to the older generation that sometimes wondered about her choices. I have to say that it’s certainly nice for my mom to be able to show this around the office. I’ve long been the “liberal hippy” of the family who (gasp) eats organic, healthy & (omg) vegetarian! I’ve never quiet understood why it’s so bad to eat so good, and perhaps this will help convince Ma & Pa I’m really just a good girl who eats all her veggies at dinner.

One thought on “Maya (& Mom’s) first modeling gig

  1. Julie-

    First off, you are beautiful. in the pics and in life.
    That being said, I have to laugh at the fact that your last paragraph is sooo close to home! I get such an amazing hard time for being a vegetarian and, pregnant or not, stuck with it…much to the shock and horror of the families. And it is so funny, because as you mentioned, it is thought of as “bad” that we eat “good”, come on- AWESOME food.
    Mind boggling! So right there with ya, babe. and the bebe is very sweet. We cannot wait to meet her. Annalee and Layla are excited!


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