Midwife Kelli Johnson

photo by Cristy Nielsen
photo by Cristy Nielsen

I just got home from my six week follow up appointment with my midwife, whom I now count amongst my sisters, Kelli Johnson. She looked radiant from her recent trip to Peru and it was nice catching up. As I sat there I realized I’ve been missing her – we met weekly leading up to the pregnancy and she came by several times after Maya was born, once with two dozen beautiful roses for us. I didn’t want to leave the familiarity of her daybed and got my first taste of sadness since birthing my baby girl as I realized I wouldn’t get to visit with her on a regular basis anymore. Total bummer.

photo by Cristy Nielsen
photo by Cristy Nielsen

I have no idea if other midwives structure their services the way Kelli does, but I am so grateful for her experience in taking care of mama’s to be – the love, respect and faith she had in me and for me was a huge contributing factor to my sense of security, empowerment and, ultimately, my magnificent birth experience. I’ve joked that she didn’t even get her hands wet during the actual delivery – she did one better and let me catch my own baby knowing everything was going splendidly – but her role as midwife was not solely about catching the baby. She was my guide throughout pregnancy, during the birth, in the intense weeks postpartum and most likely in various ways in the months and years to come.

Kelli took meticulous care of the medical aspects of the process and her scientific explanations were very detailed yet understandable whenever I had a question. By the time the birth came around, I had full trust in her ability to get Maya safely into this world even if complications arose, as she would know when to transfer me if need be. This was an essential aspect of care that was firmly in place, but it’s the other care, the one to my spirit and emotions that nourished and empowered me so that I could enter my birthing time with no fear.

One thing that she emphasized early and often, was the sacredness of the birthing & bonding time. You can see from the love on her face in these photos that she is a born baby greeter – she was able to maintain a sense of calm, peace and radiated love throughout my labor and afterwards, even though she had been awake for 36 hours or more!

photo by Cristy Nielsen
photo by Cristy Nielsen

Through her practice, I’ve also joined a community of families all linked by Kelli’s capable hands, and I get to join them this month at her annual Baby-Q held at her house, dubbed the Johnson manor. I am so glad for this, as on the drive home I was already thinking of excuses to return back to her cozy home office. I need to get everything ordered – financial stability, find a loving man & get hitched, breathe more room in my career – all in preparation for another baby so I can get back to Kelli’s care!


4 thoughts on “Midwife Kelli Johnson

  1. I agree 100%! I felt the same way about our care with Kelli. Her “scientific” explanations are always dead on, and very thoroughly explained to the point where you know you got an answer to your question. I too miss seeing her so often! She is such a beautiful and amazing soul and I feel so privileged to have had her attend our birth with our second child. I have often tried to put into words how I feel about Kelli, and I always have a hard time. How do you thank someone who gives you the most precious gift? The gift of a beautiful birth, and memories that change who you are and your soul! Hugs Julie! 🙂


  2. WOW…Julie thanks!

    You really put into words many of my feeling about Kelli. She is amazing and such a blessing to my family that it brings tears to my eyes to even say her name many times. I know what you mean about the sadness that falls after that last appointment. I now have had the pleasure of having her attend 3 of my pregnancies & births. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is an amazing spirit, mother, and midwife. We am so blessed to have her as a part of our life.


  3. Lovely, Julie! We have 5 kids and have taken permanent steps to be finished (since, really, 5 is enough) but I have secret hopes that those steps will fail just so I can plan another homebirth and look up and see Kelli’s knowing smile. She is an amazing gift to women, babies, and families everywhere…


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