Breastmilk is delicious!

Creme de la Mama
Creme de la Mama

Shoot, I couldn’t help myself. Maya keeps gulping it down like moonshine and I was wondering what the fuss (no pun intended) was all about. It’s light like ricemilk, but much sweeter, and at the most-perfect-temperature-you-never-knew-you-cared-about-before-because-you-never-had-it-this-exact-right-temperature.

One of my friends raised an eyebrow when I reported this and they thought it best not to mention dipping into Maya’s milk supply to the general public. Interesting view from someone who thinks nothing of drinking pasteurized (dead), fortified (messed with) milk from a (factory farmed, miserable, too big for us humans, hormone & antibiotic injected, mechanically milked) cow. And one that is a complete stranger at that.

Sweet Sippin'

Why wouldn’t I want a sip of hand squeezed, raw, organic, barely been exposed to oxygen, custom crafted just for my family, sweet delicious breast milk? Makes you rethink the whole drinking cow milk thing when I put it that way, eh? Also makes you w0nder why in the heck anyone ever thought it was a good idea to formula feed masses of babies? Breastfeeding mom’s are empowered & connected to their little ones, and breastfed babies are proven to be healthier, smarter and usually a heck of a lot less fussy, which of course makes everyone happier. Oh, and it’s FREE. Hmmm, maybe the profit motive is why they came up with formula – lots of companies reap the financial rewards of disempowered, sick & unhappy folks. And there’s no better time than right from the get-go.


6 thoughts on “Breastmilk is delicious!

  1. This is interesting! It’s great that you can provide Maya with as much milk as she needs. It probably plays a major role in how sweet and wonderful she is! I wish that every child could have that experience. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some women are not capable of producing enough milk and are forced to turn to formula. It is unfortunate, but some mothers don’t have the choice…


  2. Mmmmm…..sweet, yummy leche! Maya’s relaxed sweet face says it all! Reminds of the article in Mothering magazine a couple of issues ago where they talk about how in Cambodia people of all ages just LOVE breastmilk. If I find the link I’ll post it.


  3. Julie, you aren’t the only one. When I was breastfeeding I used my milk in food recipes for my family. Sometimes I’d have to keep it a secret because “OMG that’s GROSS!” (Whatever.) It’s nice to know I’m not alone in thinking breastmilk is indeed delicious 🙂


  4. I think, along with most mothers, most fathers have had the pleasure of tasting breast milk as well. Even if it was in a moment of passion and/or unplanned. It’s very sweet and delicious! I can understand the gross factor, “the world” wants us to believe it is gross (for one reason or another) so people buy into that mentality I guess.


  5. Scandalous, Gil, scandalous! ;p I knew there were others out there like me. Thanks for coming out of the closet! I was thinking it would be awesome to have a “Got Milk” campaign featuring a bunch of little babies with milk on their face to promote breastfeeding. Perhaps our Central Florida Birth Network could take that on as a pilot project? I know a photographer who would probably love to do it!


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