Need your input on the role of community in birthing!

Hey ya’ll. So, I need your expertise. I’m writing an article with a central theme of the role of community in birthing (thanks Amber for the idea!) and while I have some serious ideas of my own, of course, I’d like to ask ya’ll your opinion on the subject.

I’d like to see: how sharing my birth online has affected your views on birthing, as well as: what you think the communities role should be like to support expecting parents on their journey and/or postpartum, and, perhaps: how community supported you during your babytime. Other random thoughts that come to you are welcome as well. Please just comment to this post, or on facebook or send me a private message through the contact page.

Please don’t be shy, your voice or thought is important, no matter how small you may think it is :p Thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Need your input on the role of community in birthing!

  1. The role the community can play in birthing can be different with each situation. If the woman is single she may have alternative needs compared to a woman who is attatched. One important role the community can play is being available and providing a safe and supportive environment for the new family to flourish. The Central florida Birthing Network has already done a great job at this with their potlucks. Creating spaces like this is important in the growth of the birthing community. More of these family events are essential especially where children are accepted and everyones different (healthy) parenting views are respected. Play dates, co-ops, informational seminars (offered for donations so everyone can attend), and family nights are just some of the things we can do to create more opportunities for families to grow and create a strong support system within the community.


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