Happy Half Maya Juniper Rose

That’s my girl. She’s already arrived at half a year. OMG. I love her soooooooo much. For such a local baby, this is not a local get up. Hat & onsie is from Auntie Sune in San Fran, diaper is from Jacq Down Under, purple sweater a gift card purchase from Jon and I just ordered those kickin leggin’s on impulse when I was responsibly purchasing an amber teething necklace based on this post from a local mom – I envy her camera and, yet, my last few posts were inspired by her posting style, so many gratis to her.

It’s been a big week leading up to the big halfway mark, filled with firsts. MJR has been sitting pretty since she was five months old and my bff Jen reminded me I could take her to the park to swing. Which we have done now, twice. She also had her first official meal – carrot coconut curry soup – a la Pete at Dandelion, also twice. She loved it. This was followed by her first sorta “real” poo.  She saw two grandma’s, meeting her paternal one for the first time & hanging with my mom on her way through town. She also scored a sweet hand-knitted stuffed Owl from her Aunt Jill. She also said her first purposeful word, which I missed of course. She looked right at Uncle Henry and sang: “Hennnn-ryyyyy.”  All that on top of her usual schedule of hosting a radio show and entertaining all her friends at the cafe between naps and laughs with mom. My little sidekick.

Happy half, darlin’ … looking forward to a lifetime of more wonderful days to celebrate with you!


6 thoughts on “Happy Half Maya Juniper Rose

  1. your gratis are very kind Julie!

    Maya is rocking her new babylegs well 🙂 I hope the necklace is of some help…if anything, it sure is cute on her…paired with her cloth dipe–it’s my favorite look!

    It’s a joy to watch (read) you loving on your girl so well!


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