My Giant

Dang, I just looked up Maya’s stats, and she’s a friggin giant. She’s officially eight months now and weighs 25.6 pounds and is 29 inches long. Apparently, she’s about four months ahead of schedule. I thought her hands were huge when she was born… it never occurred to me that one day, my little junebug would actually be taller than her mother. Oh god. I already feel like I’m shrinking! :p Well, except for my mammary glands – Maya is still exclusively breastfeeding, and they’ve gotten bigger, not smaller as we keep on keeping on.

I haven’t written anything personal in over a month, so let me give you an official update. Homeskillet started crawling on Easter and is trucking around like it’s no big thang. She pulls herself to standing, one handed, can sit back down pretty gracefully on her own, likes to turn all the way around while seated & yesterday she slid off the couch like I’ve been teaching her to do. This week her bottom right tooth made it’s way to the surface, her other one looks like it’s making it’s way right now & Yuki pointed out that her top two are not too far behind, shocking the heck out of me. I’m thinking of putting my mattress on the floor as she also sleep-crawls & even though I have a rail, I would rather just not stress and if I eliminate the height concerns, I eliminate my stress. Why let modern fashions dictate an unsafe environment? That’s how I roll.

I’ve also decreed that it is a good day when we get home and she’s covered in dirt. She likes to hang out in the garden at Dandelion, tasting all the sticks and bark. I know the entire gardens are chemical-free, so I say: eat it up girl, boost those immunities!

Motherhood continues to be the most amazing thing ever. As she’s started to crawl around, I’ve had dreams about forgetting her in places, so my subconscious is preparing me for her boomeranging independence / dependence dance that is starting now. Mmmmm, I LOVE her.


2 thoughts on “My Giant

  1. Love it! Thanks for posting something “personal” 🙂 She is gorgeous, and if I may say so myself, tall women are hot!


  2. She is so gorgeous, Julie! And I’ll give you a big a-men about letting her play & get messy in the garden! Our backyard has become Calina’s favorite hangout, too. Babies are so drawn to the outdoors… it’s nice to be reminded that we should get out there too!

    We gave up our bed frame around the same time. Putting the mattress on the floor was the most liberating thing we could’ve done for ourselves and our sanity, especially in the morning. She started getting used to waking up, having a little mommy’s milk, and getting down off the bed to play while we continued sleeping for a while. Of course that meant our entire bedroom also had to be baby-safe, and more than a few times we woke up to our laundry basked emptied all over the room, but it was (and still is, I guess) SO worth it.


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