Lessons 1-20 From Maya

  1. Take Naps
  2. Eat When You Want, Stop When You Are Done
  3. Be Curious
  4. Look To Your Mother for Guidance
  5. Show No Fear, But Exhibit Some Caution As You Learn About Dangers in the World
  6. Move Your Body Any Which Way You Want
  7. Laugh Often
  8. Celebrate The Little Things
  9. Wake Up With a Smile
  10. Enjoy the Moment
  11. Go Outside, Be in Kinship with all Living Things
  12. Be Fascinated by Light & Sound, Fully Experience a Soft Breeze
  13. Explore
  14. Learn by Doing
  15. Express Yourself – If you don’t cry, how will others know there is something wrong?
  16. Know no shame, harbor no resentment.
  17. Make people earn your love & affection, don’t just give it out without due consideration.
  18. Once they’ve earned it, love them with laughter.
  19. Cuddle and hug and kiss the ones you’re closest to often.
  20. Play

One thought on “Lessons 1-20 From Maya

  1. 21. Try to keep the tip of Your tongue out during photos . . .
    That “earning” applies to Respect, as well . . .


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