Some Days Are Better Than Others

You will notice that I have not had a decent post here in awhile, but I have secretly been composing many of them in my head. The main running blog post title starts:  ” I will not apologize…”

I’ve been woefully terrible at returning emails, texts, phone calls and even facebook messages. Important ones. Ones I really want to respond to, or ones that I never even saw, but wish I had because they fell below the fold and never crossed my gaze and now I have to scramble a little or just plain missin out on something going on that’s cool. But, I will not apologize because I am devoted to my Maya and she’s grown so fast that if I blink I might miss something. Lots of things.

And everyday I fall more in love, even today, when I’m four days straight feeling frustrated because I’m having to work more than usual, which keeps me up late, which makes me drink caffeine, which means Maya drinks caffeine. So, nap schedule gets messed up while teething is in full force and she took a little nibble at my boob and I was not so happy and she didn’t understand and I got mad at myself for drinking caffeine.

But she hummed along with me as I sang her to sleep tonight and I decided I must redeem myself as a good mama by sewing her a new dress. I took an old halter dress of mine, and forging ahead without a pattern, I was able to make two sweet little dresses for her, a hair scarf we can share and a new top for moi.

Sweet "Pillowcase" Dresses
Sweet "Pillowcase" Dresses

Thank goddess I don’t have twins is the first thing I think when I see them together.

Sweet Wrap, Formerly a Halter
New Top, No Sew Required

Oh yes, golden slippers, you will love us tomorrow!

Mission Accomplished, methinks.


4 thoughts on “Some Days Are Better Than Others

  1. Children come first!!! once you become a parent people have to realize your priorities switch and those that have children and are hands on will understand this, if they dont then they need to reevaluate themselves. I think u do a great job not only raising maya, but having a successful business. Your def. have goddess power and that light is contagious. have a great day and peace filled day!

    ~blessed be

    PS~ those outfits are amazing seriously one of these days i will learn to sew to make dresses or anything fancy ;P


    1. all you need to know is how to use scissors and sew a straight line. i didn’t make perfect seams or anything. it’s waaaaaaay easier than it looks 🙂 plus, by using an old dress, most of the sewing was already done! thanks for the love, right back atcha!


  2. Julie, You are such an amazing woman! You are so wise and right to “never” apologize for not blogging because of spending time with your little angel! I love the dresses! Isn’t it so rewarding to create like that!!


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