Everyday Blessings

Whoa, how time flies. Maya is almost 18 months old. She can talk – repeats almost every word I ask, says “please” and “thank you” even when I don’t request it, knows the color blue, she learned sign language from Yuki (which in turn taught me), knows all of her body parts, sings, dances, does this funny little walk when she’s being cute, loves cats and dogs and all sorts of animal, particularly the owl. She LOVES tea (herbal, of course) and wants to do it all herself, thank you very much. She understands everything and she remembers. She doesn’t know how to hop yet, but she tries. She calls all men she is fond of papa, and has three beautiful ladies besides me that she calls mama on occasion. She hangs out with her buddy Taiyo five days a week, they are like brother and sister and he totally looks after her and teaches her so much as he’s got 8 months on her. Taiyo’s beautiful mama plays with Maya while I am at work. I feel so blessed almost every second of the day for Maya, and all the rich connections she has helped bring into our lives.

I am SO happy. I understand so much more. I have this wonderful opportunity to love unconditionally, to teach and be taught. I have so many revelations and insights and shifts in perspective. I am unwinding from all the things I’ve been told and made judgments based on second hand knowledge. I am experiencing it all first hand now, and I know. I know. The mystery, the great silence, I have that now. There is no explanation, there is only experience.

Maya Juniper Rose, thank you. Self, thank you. We make such a nice family.



One thought on “Everyday Blessings

  1. Children always bring out the best in us and remind how the world can be a curious wonder. I thank my son tristan everyday for making me a better person 😉 Mother Nature did something amazing when she allowed us to procreate our own beauty.

    Blessed Be


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