How to Bore the Children by Charles Eisenstein

“Here is how to make a child bored: first and foremost, keep him indoors so that the infinitude of nature, its endless variation and chaotic messiness is replaced by a finite, orderly, predictable realm. Second, through television and video games, habituate him to intense stimuli so that everything else seems boring by comparison. Third, eliminate as much as possible any unstructured time with other children, so that he loses his capacity for creative play and needs entertainment instead. Fourth, shorten his attention span with fast-paced programming, dumbed-down books, and frequent interruptions of his play. Fifth, hover over him whenever possible to stunt his self-trust and make him dependent on outside stimulation. Sixth, hurry him from activity to activity to create anxiety about time and eliminate the easy sense of timelessness native to the young.” Read Entire Article Here

After reading this article, I am reminded how I think the urge to shop/consume is a poor substitute for our urge to create. When I feel like shopping, I get out my craft basket or make a meal or write. The desire to shop disappears every single time. The author of this article also wrote one of my favorite heavy books, the Ascent of Humanity and I am currently reading his new release, Sacred Economics. He will be my guest on Front Porch Radio next wednesday. Here are more thoughts on children & education in a chapter called Back to Play.







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