Listen to the Ladies

I decided, with all my talk about the divine feminine in the past year, and asking people in my life why they did not notice and/or heed the wisdom of the feminine or recognize its value or worth….that I would dedicate the next year at least to specifically reading books written by women, and brush up on women’s studies, really hone in on it. I majored in business, for god’s sake, no silly liberal arts crap. Geez, I was an idiot. I’ve come a long way!

The majority of books I’ve read are written by men due to the huge gender disparity in publishing. I like men, I do, but I’m taking my own advice and really sinking into some great books. Here is a short list of the ones I’ve read and love. Many more on my bookshelf waiting to be absorbed, would love your recommendations!

Julie’s bookshelf: female-authored

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