Breast-feeding: Orlando-area moms form nonprofit to provide donated breast milk to needy babies –

[My Dandelion Cafe is one of the drop-off spots for breastfeeding mom’s.]

Amanda Pacheco didn’t intend to start a movement.

But in September, when one of her friends died suddenly, leaving behind a 6-week-old baby, Pacheco rallied dozens of breast-feeding moms to donate breast milk to her friend’s daughter, baby Sara.

Before long, Pacheco had more donations of breast milk than little baby Sara could use. Orlando moms donated dozens of packets of frozen breast milk. Four local businesses volunteered to serve as drop-off locations and provided freezers to store the milk. One woman drove from North Carolina, delivering a cooler packed with eight gallons of frozen breast milk.

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Breastmilk is delicious!

Creme de la Mama

Creme de la Mama

Shoot, I couldn’t help myself. Maya keeps gulping it down like moonshine and I was wondering what the fuss (no pun intended) was all about. It’s light like ricemilk, but much sweeter, and at the most-perfect-temperature-you-never-knew-you-cared-about-before-because-you-never-had-it-this-exact-right-temperature.

One of my friends raised an eyebrow when I reported this and they thought it best not to mention dipping into Maya’s milk supply to the general public. Interesting view from someone who thinks nothing of drinking pasteurized (dead), fortified (messed with) milk from a (factory farmed, miserable, too big for us humans, hormone & antibiotic injected, mechanically milked) cow. And one that is a complete stranger at that.


Sweet Sippin'

Why wouldn’t I want a sip of hand squeezed, raw, organic, barely been exposed to oxygen, custom crafted just for my family, sweet delicious breast milk? Makes you rethink the whole drinking cow milk thing when I put it that way, eh? Also makes you w0nder why in the heck anyone ever thought it was a good idea to formula feed masses of babies? Breastfeeding mom’s are empowered & connected to their little ones, and breastfed babies are proven to be healthier, smarter and usually a heck of a lot less fussy, which of course makes everyone happier. Oh, and it’s FREE. Hmmm, maybe the profit motive is why they came up with formula – lots of companies reap the financial rewards of disempowered, sick & unhappy folks. And there’s no better time than right from the get-go.

Pumping for Sara

I recently found out that a little baby girl named Sara is the blessed beneficiary of breast milk from our community of breast feeding ladies after her mom unexpectedly passed away last month when she was just six weeks old. My heart goes out to her family, and being just 2 weeks older than my Maya Juniper Rose makes me squeeze her extra tight and eyeing the breast pump for the first time. I would certainly wish the community would come together for her if anything happened to me, so I’ve signed Dandelion up as a drop-off spot for pumping mom’s. For more details & ways to help, check out the Get PUMPed website.