How to Bore the Children by Charles Eisenstein

“Here is how to make a child bored: first and foremost, keep him indoors so that the infinitude of nature, its endless variation and chaotic messiness is replaced by a finite, orderly, predictable realm. Second, through television and video games, habituate him to intense stimuli so that everything else seems boring by comparison. Third, eliminate as much as possible any unstructured time with other children, so that he loses his capacity for creative play and needs entertainment instead. Fourth, shorten his attention span with fast-paced programming, dumbed-down books, and frequent interruptions of his play. Fifth, hover over him whenever possible to stunt his self-trust and make him dependent on outside stimulation. Sixth, hurry him from activity to activity to create anxiety about time and eliminate the easy sense of timelessness native to the young.” Read Entire Article Here

After reading this article, I am reminded how I think the urge to shop/consume is a poor substitute for our urge to create. When I feel like shopping, I get out my craft basket or make a meal or write. The desire to shop disappears every single time. The author of this article also wrote one of my favorite heavy books, the Ascent of Humanity and I am currently reading his new release, Sacred Economics. He will be my guest on Front Porch Radio next wednesday. Here are more thoughts on children & education in a chapter called Back to Play.







Baby! Int’l Film Festival

So, I am really stoked as there is a rare opportunity to see some great films about birth, breastfeeding & babies this coming October 2nd & 3rd at the Plaza Theater during the Baby! Int’l Film Festival hosted by Commonsense Childbirth and The Birth Place. I have the pleasure of interviewing Midwife extraordinaire Jennie Joseph this Wednesday, Sept 30th on Front Porch Radio, so tune in for a great show!

Three films in particular look exciting to me & I’ve listed them below. I’m sure Maya will need a drink, so you can bet I will also be taking part in the World Breastfeeding Challenge in the lobby at 11am.

Laboring Under An Illusion

Laboring Under An Illusion

Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs the Real Thing Anthropologist Vicki Elson explores media-generated myths about childbirth. As a childbirth educator for 25 years, she observes daily how our culture affects our birth experiences. In this film, she contrasts fiction with reality. The result is hilarious, engaging, and enlightening. “To understand what it’s really like to have a baby, we have to debunk the silly and scary images served up by the profit-driven media. In reality, birth is hard work, sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, but always miraculous and unforgettable.”

Birth As We Know It

Birth Into Being

Birth As We Know It is a groundbreaking film featuring 11 births, all completely unique and all natural. Birth As We Know It is a treat for both the heart and mind, comfortably intertwined on a path toward realizing the full potential of birth. A new style of documentary film creates a refreshing arena for the story of Birth to unfold. A triumphant orchestration of stunning cinematography, empowering instrumentation, and a calming narrative, warms our hearts as we are reminded of the beauty of Life, and awakened to the ultimate possibilities of Birth!

What Babies Want

What Babies Want

What Babies Want is an award winning documentary film that explores the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world. Filled with captivating stories and infused with Noah Wyle’s warmth as narrator, the film demonstrates how life patterns are established at birth and before. The documentary includes groundbreaking information on early development as well as appearances by the real experts: babies and families.

Other films being shown are must-sees, including The Business of Being Born

Next Up: Jennie Joseph of The Birth Place « Front Porch Radio with Julie Norris

Airing this Wednesday, July 8th at Noon on WPRK 91.5fm or online

Jennie Joseph is the Executive Director of The Birth Place a free-standing birthing facility in Winter Garden where she sees women from all walks of life that are expecting healthy babies and who choose a natural birth. The Birth Place Birthing Center’s mission is to provide a service to the local Orlando area community by offering quality maternity care for all women. The JJ Way™ MCH healthcare delivery model was developed by Jennie and has shown such promising outcomes for indigent women that Winter Park Health Foundation has funded an ongoing research study.

In addition to her clinic, Ms. Joseph launched the Nubian Health Network in 2004 in order to address and redress the disparities in health care being experienced by women of African descent. Nubian Health Network is an online resource and forum accessed by women worldwide.

FPR:: Orgasmic Painless Childbirth with Julie Norris on Front Porch Radio

This is the third radio podcast installation of the Holistic Birthing Series. I fly solo on my radio program and discuss the concepts of orgasmic birthing and painless childbirth, drawing parallels to the intimate act that gets us in the “with child” condition in the first place. Listen online here.

Central Florida Birth Network Podcast

As some of you know, one of my side projects is a nifty radio program called Front Porch Radio, airing locally on WPRK 91.5 FM. We’ve just posted the second interview in the Holistic Birthing Series, which covers a broad range of topics.

Birth Professionals Michelle Isla & Maggie McCarthy discuss birth options for normal & natural births such as doula support, hypnobirthing and lactation consulting as representatives of the Central Florida Birth Network. Listen online here.

The first interview in the series with my own midwife, Kelli Johnson, can be heard here.