So, you wanna have a painless childbirth?

It IS possible. I did it, I’ve met other women who have done it, and you can do it too! What makes a painless birth possible? Total lack of fear & deep trust in your body & self is the basic premise, getting to that state is the part that takes some deep work.

The essential elements of a painless birth (for me, anyway):

  1. Following the process outlined in the book Painless Childbirth
  2. Practicing self-hypnosis (I used Hypnobabies, but there are several programs out there)
  3. Being loved & supported, especially by my women friends
  4. A cooperative & well positioned baby

Today I had the opportunity to interview Giuditta Tournetta, author of Painless Childbirth (you can listen to that interview here) for an entire hour and we scratched the surface on the teachings that she will be bringing to Central Florida in September when she does a three day workshop for expectant parents & birth professionals. (For details on the workshop, please click here & tell your friends about it!) I’m stoked to be able to attend this with my gal Amber, who is due in early October.

The wisdom Giuditta has gathered through her years of doula work (and her own painless birth years ago) is of tremendous value to bringing the sacred back into birthing.  She correlates each stage of development in the womb with a chakra & basic human right. Her insights are illuminating, healing, unique and very accessible to those who desire a more conscious birth experience.

I hope to see lots of you at the workshop so we can bring this wisdom into our birthing practices in Central Florida. If you register before 9/20, you will get $50 off.

How babies count. Facinating.

Great podcast I caught the other day on the radio: Innate Numbers?

In “25 Minutes to Go,” Johnny Cash counts down the minutes to his hanging. This precipitates an argument between Robert and Jad about whether you could live without numbers. Jad introduces his newborn son, Amil, and insists that he has no concept of numbers whatsoever. Like father, like son? Producer Lulu Miller talks to Stanislas Dehaene, whose work in neuroimaging suggests that Amil probably does have a number sense. You and I might not even know what logarithmic counting is, but apparently we used it as babies. Susan Carey explains why counting pennies is no small feat. Using an experiment designed by Karen Wynn, Susan breaks down the trick that separates us from the animal world: the counting song. Producer Amanda Aronczyk’s daughter Mina demonstrates how complicated this whole penny business really is.

FPR:: Orgasmic Painless Childbirth with Julie Norris on Front Porch Radio

This is the third radio podcast installation of the Holistic Birthing Series. I fly solo on my radio program and discuss the concepts of orgasmic birthing and painless childbirth, drawing parallels to the intimate act that gets us in the “with child” condition in the first place. Listen online here.

Central Florida Birth Network Podcast

As some of you know, one of my side projects is a nifty radio program called Front Porch Radio, airing locally on WPRK 91.5 FM. We’ve just posted the second interview in the Holistic Birthing Series, which covers a broad range of topics.

Birth Professionals Michelle Isla & Maggie McCarthy discuss birth options for normal & natural births such as doula support, hypnobirthing and lactation consulting as representatives of the Central Florida Birth Network. Listen online here.

The first interview in the series with my own midwife, Kelli Johnson, can be heard here.