We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
Not you. Not me. We.
All of us. Together.
At once.
There is you. And me. And they.
Those people.
Whoever, THEY are!
Mirrors. Reflections. Shadows.
Children. Hurt. Yearning.
All of us. Broken. Wounded.
Lost and sleeping, some.
Curious and seeking, some.
Laughing and carefree, some.
Serious and thinking, some.
Scared and angry, some.
Awake and creating, some.
Wild and passionate, some.
You. And Me. And They.
Sometimes, I am this.
Sometimes, you are that.
Then we switch.
Other times, we merge.
Sometimes we drift apart.
Sometimes we stick together.
Often we want:
Without that, separation:
You – over there.
Me – over here.
We are, all, in this, together.
Notice the darkness.
Yours, mine, ours.
Lighten up.
Make love.
And music.
Radiate. Glow. Dissolve.
Notice it spreading.
Transforming you, and I, and them.
Connected. Laughing. Enjoying.
Noticing. Communicating. Buzzing.
We. Are all in. THIS! Together.

(written for Velocity Magazine)

Happy Birthday Maya Juniper Rose

Maya Juniper Rose

You are Maya Juniper Rose, a big big girl. You can go potty all by yourself. You say please and thank you. You know all your colors. And lots and lots of words too. You help me make yummy meals. We giggle all the time. You can put yourself to sleep. You don’t drink mommy’s milk anymore. Cause your a big big girl!

You hang out with Grandma Jackie and Mama Yuki too. Taiyo is your best friend and Willow and Lucas too. You love hummus and smoked salmon and drinking “tea” too. You are a little lady, so wise and sweet too. We are headed to the forest to hang out with the chickens and all our friends so we can celebrate the day when you came in!

Happy Birthday Big Girl! Mama loves you SO much. Thanks for watching your birth with me today, we had such good times remembering!

Peaches and Cream

You sleep against my chest, snuggled in the carrier and I work away with you safe and sound. I glance down to find you gazing up at me, your head tilted back, oozing love, capturing the moment as if you were aware that you should.

I smile. Falling in love, again, grateful you trust me this way.

You welcome a lingering kiss on the cheek, close your eyes, relax your head even more and it drops slightly, like the little smile that appears in pure pleasure and anticipation of what comes next. Rubbing my cheek to yours, intoxicated by the sweet scent of you. My eyes close as I inhale deep & slow as your silky softness slides against my own skin.
I softly leave a trail of kisses from the top of your peach cheek to the soft interior of your neck. You love this moment as much as I do.

Thank you my little rosebud.

Thank you.

These are my favorite things.

A Rose

Originial Art Created By Julie Norris When Maya Was Growing Inside

Originial Art Created By Julie Norris When Maya Was Growing Inside

she, a rose,
with peace and love and light and laughter
wet with tears and
bathed in dreams of the life yet grown
a rose

the warmth of her arrival surrounds her
and lays within her like mother’s milk
and the gentle arms that hold her now
and even forever
when the holding is no more

the holding remains
sweet warmth
in truth a beginning
not to be

by Marsha Zimler, 4Sept2009 for
Julie’s Maya Juniper Rose 24August2009
A beautiful gift inspired by the slideshow

100 Moons

100 Moons Til You

100 Moons Til You

give or take a few
until one becomes two
sweet cheeks and tiny lips
will be revealed
with your scent and skin
nose and toes
tummy and toosh
maya girl or bayou boy
all who meet you will fall in love
laughter will be your best friend
and I
I will be reborn with your birth
mama love pouring out of me
to be returned and exchanged
dancing like this for all of our days
as art surrounds and music plays
and we create our family ways