>>View Slideshow Here<<

Maya & I are both blessed to have her arrival so stunningly captured by local photographer, doula and birth advocate Cristy Nielsen in a moving slideshow. (She also captured my pregnant self here.)

>>View Slideshow Here<<

A must watch for most everyone, except the modest-minded* amongst us, as I am in my birthday suit.

Cristy volunteered her talents to capture these images in a tribute to the homebirth movement. As a passionate advocate of homebirth, I share this slideshow with everyone as a gift to what is possible, hopefully opening this birthing option up to you or someone you love for exploration.

I’ve been told over and over that these images bring up strong emotions for almost everyone ranging from inspirational & empowering to educational to painful for some whose own birth’s did not go as desired. Most people cry at the beauty of this sacred homecoming, so you might prefer to have tissue handy and watch in privacy so you can fully process.

If you need to decide if the slideshow is for you:

  • I am naked (boobs & fanny folks)
  • NO “crotch shots” as Maya was born in water
  • The only blood is towards the end when viewing the placenta

After viewing, please feel free to come back here & leave your impressions. Yes, please share this slideshow, but please make sure to link from this page so that viewers may also know the Birth Story & read more about normal birth & natural parenting in our blog.

A Word for the Modest-Minded

Some people have been surprised that I would share these private & intimate images with the world. My desire to do so stems from all of the other brave souls who posted their own birth experience online. During my pregnancy I was greatly encouraged by these positive images of birth, which are so rare in our society. I vowed to “pay it forward” to inspire other parents-to-be & hope that these images will encourage them to explore homebirth &/or the natural approach to a normal birth passage for their baby. Ecstatic, painless birth is possible – every woman deserves to experience one and every child should be blessed to have such a sacred homecoming.

9 thoughts on “Slideshow

  1. It is an inspiring slideshow, destined to have the most stoic of folks reaching for the tissue box!

    It is an honor to call you friend and to have the joy of Maya in the Ourlando commuity!


  2. I am a massage therapist with plans to go through doula training and am in school to be a nurse midwife. I have been so overwhelmed this term, I started to lose sight of my calling and questioned my decision to go back to school. My former yoga teacher emailed your story to me at a perfect time! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your daughter’s birth. And thank you for encouraging me.


  3. Very Beautiful. Truly breathtaking. Such peace and joy in all the photos. What a wonderful way to come into this life!


  4. thank you so much for sharing this. I have a home birth planned for our new babe that is expected to arrival anytime in the next 6 weeks. And seeing this beautiful birth has inspired me and reminded me that the birth I desire is possible. I can only hope it goes as smoothly and as wonderfully as yours.
    Thanks again for sharing.



  5. Hello. I came upon your website and slideshow via the NPR article on home births. I gave birth to my son, Joshua, at home just a month ago. These photos brought back memories of the most amazing, earth-shattering, experience in my life. You and the baby are beautiful. Congratulations and kudos, mama!


    1. congrats to you and joshua! I encourage you to share your story with friends & family – the impact of sharing this in my community & beyond is almost unbelieveable!


  6. Oh my, I watched the video, as I am friends with Sandra. Thanks so much for holding that space of peace and calm while birthing your child. What a special moment of time. I appreciate you for what you did and love your courage and surrender – to the flow – to the child – and I think mostly to the women who were around you supporting you! This was such good medicine! bless, light, and love to you dearest!


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