My Baby Registry

[My registry is officially closed, but some people who are getting ready for their own shower have found the following info useful.]

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I get the sneaking suspicion that the one in my belly knew exactly what it was doing when it decided to land in this community. They took one glance at all the amazing people surrounding & supporting me and thought, that’s the place for me – all that good food, original music, diversity & hard working creative folk are going to be my aunts, uncles, brothers & sisters. And here you are, ready to put together my baby bounty in the way only a community of awesome friends and family can. As Amber would say, Namaste!

With gratitude to the rather large circle of friends I am blessed with and a deep appreciation for our planet and the changing economic times, I am happy to report that my needs are minimal and I am elated to accept hand-me-downs as well as unconventional gifts of your creation. As most of you know, I’m actually pretty old-school when it comes to material objects – not too many, preferably old fashioned, hopefully non-toxic; practical & aesthetic go hand-in-hand with me.

The baby’s gender will be a surprise, and for those who need to know, my color palette & “theme” will be bold earth tones with jungle and forest animals. Of course.

Outlined below are some general areas with some guidelines to my preferences, as well as a traditional registry of the basic necessities. Material goods are necessary and appreciated just as much as hand-me-down or handmade gifts – your gift giving depends on your time, talent, location and pocketbook – everyone has different strengths and I will appreciate every gesture, small or large.

Material Goods

I am registered online in two places and have suggestions below for local shopping.

Specialty Items:
Everything Else: (enter my name on the left side)

There are a few larger ticket items that groups are encouraged to split. If you prefer to shop locally (and I totally encourage this, of course!), then glancing at the registry will give you an idea of the sorts of things I’m looking for, especially when it comes to toys. I’ve also listed below some places in the Orlando area that might work for you, if you live out of town, feel free to visit one of your own independent retailers.

  • Once Upon A Child is a consignment place with two location in Orlando.
  • Your House. Regift your hand-me-downs!
  • Etoile Boutique features local baby artisans
  • Cottage Industries Co-op in College Park features local baby artisans
  • You may know of other independently owned places in your neighborhood (if so, let me know!)

Gifts of Your Creation
With so many creative people in my life, and most of em broke like moi, it might make more sense to give a gift that reflects your talents instead of your pocketbook. (If you are creative and loaded, just tell me how you do it!) Here are some suggestions.

  • Musical? Record a lullaby or rock song or drum beat for the baby. Or re-gift an old instrument.
  • Artistic? Make a toy or book or something delightful to gaze upon. Or re-gift art supplies!
  • Crafty? Slings are cool. So are original onesies with your handiwork on it.
  • Gifted? Massage, reiki, baby astrology, veggie meals postpartum, plants, photography – you know what you’re good at! Just create a hand-made gift certificate!
  • Knowledgeable? Holistic baby & parenting resources & tools that are stacked in your library are all welcome. So is babysitting!

Update: I’ve had a few folks ask me to post what my food preferences are for post-partum meals. I have no allergies, but am sensitive to soy, although in small amounts I’m fine. Tempeh doesn’t seem to bother me. I LOVE all food, from all cultures,  so anything you make will be fine.  I would say keep the heat down on the spices as I hear that the baby may not like it. I do eat cheese & eggs if organic, but am just as satisfied with vegan meals.

My Preferences
Now,  I know this isn’t your traditional registry (some would argue it’s actually QUIET traditional, tho) and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or intimidated by my natural lifestyle if such is foreign to you. Know this: I am going to appreciate every gift that crosses my path & I hope you will see this as fun peek into my brain and how I make conscious consuming decisions. I’ve posted some further thoughts below that might help you understand my thought process, if you are curious & need to know why, like I always insisted upon growing up.

Prefer vs Not-So-Much

  • When new: Organic vs Regular: especially items that the baby will spend a lot of time in or on
  • Used vs New: so much stuff, why create new demand?
  • Natural Fibers vs Synthetic
  • Natural Materials (Glass, Wood, Wool) vs Plastic
  • Non-Toxic vs Questionable Dyes, Flame Retardents, etc
  • Locally, Domestically, Fair Made, Handmade vs Made in China
  • Commercial-Free Kid vs Logos, Disney, etc
  • Positive Messages “Peace” vs “I’m a Princess”
  • Educational vs Frivolous