Happy Halloween

Photos by Julie Norris, Oct 31, 2011

Halloween, posted with vodpod

Talked to my mom tonight and told her how much I appreciated all the effort she put into the holidays. Feels good to have pulled off a (partly) homemade costume (thanks Yuki for the inspiration!) and have a sweetly glowing jack o’lantern on the porch (oh, Leah, your pancakes and pumpkin carving on the porch are delightful!). Can’t tell you the joy in my heart watching Maya realize how trick or treating works. She ran with such glee from house to house, I just about cried all over myself. She was so cute saying trick or treat and thank you. Her little sing song voice. Her little last minute “owl” princess costume. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. As she fell asleep in my arms last night, I had one of those intensely grateful moments for her being in my life. How lucky, how very lucky I am.