Happy Mother’s Day

It’s interesting how this holiday took on signifcance so unassumingly. Normally, I don’t really buy into the whole idea of Hallmark Holiday’s, but as the day hung hot in the air, I realized that my normal Sunday spent alone was not going to be just-fine with my hormones raging. I wasn’t looking for attention, but more like a distraction.The afternoon watching a friend fix his septic tank was more appealing than just-me time, as worries about being a single-mom began to rise to the surface. Ug.

Aside from the thoughtful and numerous HMD texts I received today, I did get one particular email from a friend who is expecting any second now. He sent me a link to a description of Lotus Birthing, the practice of leaving the placenta attached until it naturally separates. I have never heard of this, but apparently it is common practice amongst primates, Australians and the Balinese. I am interested to see what this couple experiences using this technique & will report back after we find out. All things unusual brought to you via this blog-a-ma-thingy.